Enclosure Building Tools

Enclosure Building Tools

When you want to build your own enclosure you need to use the right tools.

First things first, you've got to have designed an enclosure thats suitable for your woofers & vehicle.

Once you've used these tools you will know two things:
A. The measurements for your enclosures wood
B. The size & length of your ports

So go visit the local hardware or lumber store with your cut lists and order the MDF wood & buy your PVC pipe for the build ! Don't forget your screws (2 - 3 inch, self tapping, counter sunk, Phillips head, particle board screws work best) and your Adhesive (Eg. PVA and liquid nails).

OK so now you've designed the box, got your materials and are ready to build ! Right ? Almost, make sure you have these essential tools.

- Power drill
- Drill bits (Eg. 2.5mm bit, 3/8ths bore, Rosetta bit & Phillips #2 Power Driver bit)
- Router & router bit (Eg. Round smooth 10mm)
- Jigsaw (Preferably with a meaty MDF eating blade)
- Ear muffs to protect ears
- Safety Goggles to protect eyes
- Dust mask to protect lungs (not pictured)
- Lead pencils
- 120-180 grit Sand paper
- Tape measure
- Glue & Screws
- Cup of coffee

Tools to Use

Drill Bits



If you intend to make your own aero ports to insert into this enclosure you'll also need:
- Hot air gun
- Hack saw
- Steel mixing bowl
- The instructions from this article right here