Inverting Subwoofers

Inverting Subwoofers

Inverting your subwoofers is a great way to enhance your subwoofer systems look. A big motor and basket structure looks a lot more impressive than the cone, and its a free modification !
Golden rules of inverting:

1. You need to change the PHASE of your woofer. This is easy, connect the + from the amp to the - on the sub, and vice versa. If you dont, you'll LOOSE bass as the other speakers will interfere and make crossover frequencies quieter.

2. You want the bulk of the cable hidden in the box.

3. You want to see the minimum of cables on the sub.

So lets do this ! I'll use the traditional DVC sub (two +, two -) as an example, hence there will be 4 cables feeding power into the woofer. There's a lot of ways you can do this, for the Hidden cable look:- Run your speaker cable (say 10g power cable) like you normally would from the amp into the box. Use individual cables, not figure-8 !
- Invert the sub onto the box, mark out the mounting holes with a marker.
- Drill a hole big enough for the cable to run through in the baffle. These holes will be where the 4 mounting screws closest to the terminals are.


This is where to drill the baffle


- Run the cables out of the box through those holes, then through the mounting holes of the sub.
- Pull out enough slack to work with (1 & 1/2 foot is enough).
- Run a bead of sicilon around the baffle where the cables come thru (ensures a seal) on the inside of the box..
- Screw the sub down using the remaining holes.
- Hide the cables behind a leg on the basket and secure them with cable ties.
- Run the cable into the terminal. This bit will be fiddly, depending on how hidden you want the cable to be.

Alternatively, you might not want to hide the cables at all. You can make them part of the installation, be creative ! 

As in this example which recycles old Monster Cable RCA's:

Inverted subs using fancy cables & connectors as part of the overall design