Earthquake PowerHouse D2 Repair Parts List

The Earthquake PowerHouse D2 Shredder amplifier and its successors (PHD2000, D3, D5000, etc) have a long history in car audio competition. For a time they were the "Winningest" amplifiers in dB Drag racing due to their huge power output from a tiny foot print, low cost, cheap replacement parts and awesome efficiency.
They also have a reputation for being the smokiest amplifiers in dB Drag, due to our love of 0.5ohm loads and the D2's rated 2ohm stability.. we run them well below their factory rating with one battery and when the volt dips below 10V, out comes the magic smoke.

If you've ever burnt out an Earthquake amp or even opened one you will know, Earthquake likes to grind the part numbers off the IC's.. so here's a list of all the replacement parts you'll need to fix your very own smoked D2. PF Part is the Farnells Online part number. OEM is the factory part number for you to search other suppliers.

If you have to replace one FET on either side (input or output), you will need to replace all the FET's on that side, the FET driver, IC and each diode/resistor in the anti-feedback circuit.

Output side IC
PF Part Number: 640244

Output side FET
PF Part Number: 3328533

Input FET
PF Part Number: 3943938

FET Driver IC, both circuits 
PF Part Number: 3969009

Input side IC
PF Part Number: 408359

Zener DIODE for FET anti-feedback circuit 
PF Part Number: 166285
Rating: 1.5KE68A

Resistors for FET anti-feedback circuit 
PF Part Number: 1099841
Rating: MFR4 10R 1%

AC/DC Rectifiers
PF Part Number: 548984