Audio Battery vs Normal (tested)

Audio Battery vs Normal (tested)

Ever wondered the benefits of running a "Specialist Audio Battery" against a normal, everyday battery ? For todays comparison we see the following go head to head:

Odyssey 1500 12V: Considered to be THE deep cycle cell. Capable of providing 1500 amps for 2 seconds before the battery drops to 10.2V, its deep cycle and built basically specifically for car audio applications. All the top guys in dB Drag used them for many years.
950 CCA, 12.5V stable, 13.1V float

2x 720CCA standard lead acid:
720 CCA, 12.7V stable, 13.1V float

Test System:
JBL Crown 2200 amp
JBL W15GTi subwoofer

Test Equipment:
TermLAB USB Sensor

Seeings as how this system was already calibrated for SPL purposes, there was no need to set it up again.
Engine off.

2x SuperCharge Gold MF = 145.2dB
1x SuperCharge Gold MF = 145.2dB
1x Odyssey 1500 = 145.4dB