Odyssey 1700 vs 2150 SPL Battery (tested)

Odyssey 1700 vs 2150 SPL Battery (tested)

Back to back tests of the previous Odyssey champion versus the new.

1500: Renamed the 1700 for2005 & onwards, and re-badged by Stinger as the Stinger 1700. 1700 Peak Cranking amps.. 950CCA. A battery with a long and respected history. G31 size and suits most cars. SAE binding posts, sealed, AGM.

 2150: The successor to the 1500's heritage. Rebadged by Stinger as the Stinger 2150 (funnily enough). 2150 Peak Cranking amps.. 1200CCA. Just inside the dB Drag 800 inch^2 limit, its an N87 truck size battery and will be a very tight squeeze in any car. Threaded rod screwdowns, sealed, AGM.

Test System:
JBL Crown 2200 amp
JBL W15GTi subwoofer

Test Equipment:
TermLAB USB Sensor

The amp is calibrated to make max power when the HU's on V34.

So, results:

1500 = 148.8dB & 9.5V (2 second burp & protect)
2150 = 149.3dB & 12.1V (3 second burp)

1500 = 0dB & 9.5V (Less than 1 second burp & protect, so no reading)
2150 = 149.8dB & 11.9V (3 second burp)

Thats it. Couldn't test any higher 'cos the 1500 isn't delivering the juice to drive the amp!