GM Holden Engines

GM Holden Engines

Engine colour says how old it is.
VB Commodore & all Kingswood (bar WB) ran red engines, 173-308. Some Kings came with a 350 Chev tho . 253 had a 2 barrel Strommie, 308 ran a 4 barrel Rochester. All Torana's ran red engines.

VC, VH & WB ran Blue engines, 253 ran Rochester 4 barrel same as 308. All ran electronic ignition (no points).

VK ran the black engines, the 253 was killed off. Some VK V8's were 308, some were 304. VL's ran the black 304, but it was modded for ULP (mostly headwork & lower compression).

Then the Injected 304 came along.

Best way to identify a Holden is by the casting, moulded into the side of every Holden engine block is its factory CI displacement. Should be on the passengers side, down near the oil sump about mid-way along.
253 & 304-8 blocks are identical with different bore size. The mounts for alternator etc may be different too, not sure.
308 & 304 are identical except for a slight change in stroke (or bore, one of the two).

The EFI 304 has internal webbing for better block rigidity, so its a better block.