Simple Rules of Enclosure Building

1. Liquid Nails is not a substitute for PVA glue on edges
2. Liquid Nails is good for sealing glued edges from air leaks
3. 71 screws is not a substitute for PVA on the edges
4. 71 screws is not a substitute for Liquid Nails sealing edge gaps
5. Liquid Nails requires 24-48 hours to fully set, not 6 minutes

6. It doesn't matter what the adhesive is or how dry it looks.. if you have hairy arms and a short sleeved shirt on prepare to have said hair glued to said arm
7. Bracing is worth its weight in dB's
8. If the baffle flexes, brace it with MDF panels or fibreglass, not extra screws
9. Seal all air leaks
10. High density foam roofing gasket does not make a good sub gaskets
11. Angle grinders do infact work on any material known to man with the correct disk
12. Rounded edges on the enclosure will make it fit better than straight edged ones
13. Fibreglass is ALWAYS a good idea, even if its only a thin layer
14. Measure twice, cut once. OR, Do it once, do it well