Crossover Orders, 6 decibels of separation

Crossover Orders, 6 decibels of separation

So whats a crossover ? Once set, it attenuates the frequencies either above it (low pass) or below it (above it).
Wait that doesnt make sense you say, but it does. A low pass filter passes the lower frequencies, attenuating the higher ones. A high pass filter attenuates frequencies below where its set.
Finally is the bandpass, which is a high pass & low pass combined, to attenuate frequencies above a high point and below a low point.

Each is useful for different speakers:
High Pass: tweeters
Bandpass: mid-range
Low Pass: woofer/subwoofer

So whats the deal with orders ? "Orders" are a standard method of measuring how much attenuation is applied.

1st Order = -6dB
2nd Order = -12dB
3rd Order = -18dB
4th Order = -24dB

The attenuation is applied to the first octave after the frequency the crossover is set for, and doubles each octave after the first.