Getting into SPL Competition, the begginers guide.

So you're interested in competitive car audio sound offs and SPL competitions ? Good for you ! SPL competition is a great way to spend an otherwise quiet Saturday afternoon. No matter what format you're interested in (dB Drag Racing, MECA, IASCA, etc) this primer is a great way to start on the path to your new hobby.

Dont be intimidated, you dont need the best and most expensive equipment, or any expensive metering equipment to be competitive in SPL competition. has been created to show everyone out there that competitive car audio can be affordable and fun, and this guide is here to show you how to achieve the best you can with what you have available right now. All cars are separated in classes to ensure people with normal equipment dont compete against the guys with custom equipment, manufacturer sponsorships and interiors made out of solid concrete !

Lets delve a bit deeper into the fun and exciting sport ! With our help and a bit of your free time invested wisely, you should be well on your way to winning your first trophey and making new friends.