Tools for Designing your own Subwoofer Enclosure

Tools for Designing your own Subwoofer Enclosure

Sure you can buy a pre-fabricated woofer enclosure like your buddies, or you could build your own. Nothing sounds better than an enclosure purposely designed for your specific subwoofers and vehicle layout, and your buddies will never know the satisfaction of owning a great sound system designed and built by them.


To design an enclosure thats suitable for your woofers & vehicle you need to either be an excellent mathematician (yeah right), or need some powerful software tools. I recommend you check these:

WinISD Professional
This is a great starting point as WinISD is simple to use, easy to come to grips with and contains a large database of drivers already installed. The graphical interface and ability to change volume/port size/tuning and see the effects will help you figure out what effects what and learn more about box design.

Enclosure Volume Calculator
Our basic online enclosure size calculator for cubic, triangular & rectangular enclosures. I recommend measuring the size of your vehicles trunk and using the calculators on this page to figure out how many cubic foot of enclosure space you can fit, then  use WinISD to determine your ports and tuning.

Slot Port Calculator
This web based calculator is excellent for quickly finding out vent sizes and for calculating slot style ports. Slot style ports are a box or square port which use one side of the enclosure as one of their walls. Hence needing our special calculator.

This is an awesome little package and I recommend everyone downloads it. This little program can convert from almost any measurement to another EG. Inch to Centimeters, Horse Power to Kilowatts, etc. You'll find this handy when converting from cm/mm to inch, or cubic foot to litres, etc.

Vent Mach Calculator
Ever heard an enclosure that makes a CHOOF noise when blasting bass ? Its ports too small, which means its vent mach factor is too high ! Use this calculator to figure out of your port is too small before you build it.

Unfortunately I can't write a tutorial on how to use each of these tools to their maximum, but they're rather self explanatory. 
Have a play around and you'll start to get a feel for them after a while. When designing your box remember, it does have to fit into the car somehow, so I'd recommend measuring where you want to install it first then designing your enclosure.