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I am a bit unclear in the crossover settings fo a car audio system. I have a pair of subs crossed anywhere from 60 - 100 hz. I have a front component focal ps 165 crossed at 250 hz and the 6x9 on the rear deck crossed over over at 200 hz and above. I have all pass on the amp and manage the crossover settings with the radio. I have a Few questions. What about the sound that is reproduced between 100 - 200 hz? I feel like i am missing some portion of the sound. Which speakers should play those frequencies? The components can supposedly play down to 60 hz, but when you crank it, it struggles. How are we to listen to this? The components have crossovers but i dont know how they work. What frequencies does the midrangle speaker play and what does the tweeter play?
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Hi there and welcome to the forums ! You're right, your crossing points are quite high and you will be lacking bass between 80-200hz.

Components: the included crossover will have a high-pass for the tweeter, and a low pass for the mid-range, to separate the mid-range and treble signals only. On your deck you need a high-pass filter to deliver mid-bass, set a HPF to around 120hz as a starting point.
If you find you have too much treble, set to attenuator on the speakers crossover to 0dD or -3dB. I prefer -3dB as most tweeters are shrill and hurt my ears after a while

6x9 deck speakers: you'll typically want these a bit quieter than the front speakers for optimum sound quality. Unplug the subwoofer, and adjust the gain for the 6x9's so the sound is mostly coming from the front speakers.
The bass response from a 6x9 will usually go as low as 60hz, subwoofer territory. I'd suggest setting a HPF to 80hz on the deck for a bit more bass. If you find there's too much and its interfering with the subs output (or sounds flappy), up that to 120hz.

Sub: you seem to have that pretty well under control. Setting a lowpass around 80hz is usually the sweetspot. If you find there's too much bass, up the high-pass on the 6x9.
If you find that you loose bass when the sub's connected and the 6x9's are going, then you have the sub wired backwards.

Hope this helps. In summary, highpass the front speakers at 120hz, highpass the deck speakers at 80hz but up it to 120hz if there's too much bass, low pass the sub at 80hz.

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