Basic Amp Wiring

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After a source unit upgrade, the next logical upgrade is to install amplifiers. Its not hard, but follow our guide for some handy tips to make your installation clean and professional looking.


When doing your first amplifier installation the running of the cables can seem rather daunting. Where do I run the cables? How to I make it safe? Do I need to drill holes? Following the method you can do your own amplifier power cabling safely using basic tools; wire cutters, electrical tape, a screw driver, knife and small socket set. If you dont have these basic tools, nows a great time to get them.

We're installing an amp into a Ford F150 pickup truck, so please excuse the dirt and mud.


Step 1.Locate a factory rubber grommet on the firewall, look for one used to delete optional wiring with nothing coming through. If you dont have one, look for a grommet without too much wiring. Typically you'll want a grommet on the same side as the amp and the battery, to minimise on cable length. Speedometer cable & accelerator cable grommets are ideal.


In this example we're using the cruise-control circuits cable grommet located next to the brake booster.

Speedo Cable Grommet


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