Sound Art Project and Xmax

5 years 3 weeks ago #1 by Albatriana
Hello everyone,

I'm a sound artist currently working on a project that involves a speaker driver as a exciter to achieve some visual effects with an elastic cord. I'm currently looking for ways to increase the amplitude of my visual effect, and for this I need to increase the Xmax of my driver.

So far I've found some interesting options, such as the Sundown Zv4 (35mm One way), but most of them don't quite meet my criteria, which is:

- Hopefully but not necessary: Low power handling. I don't have a powerful amplifier yet, and if I didn't have to buy one it'd be great.
- Hopefully but not necessary: Low cost. I'm still doing experiments, so I would rather not expend 400USD on a single speaker that I'm just going to test.
- Hopefully but not necessary: Small size: I know there's a physical correlation between size and excursion, still, I would rather not to work with a huge speaker for visual reasons.
- Silly but important: Low SPL. I know this one sounds ridiculous, but I'm not really interested in the Low freq sine waves I'm using to drive the cord; this time I'm interested in the visual effect, so any tips or modifications I could do to minimize the Dbs would be great.
- Absolutely Necessary: No mechanical noise or distortion: I'm even less interested in additional noises that don't have anything to do with the piece.

According to this, the best option I've found so far is the: (8'' size, 150w RMS power handling, 23mm xmax, 140 USD)
but I think it is not very different of what I'm currently working with:

I was wondering if any of you guys could give me some pointers or tips considering my criteria. I'm up for DIY projects, or if there's anyone interested and feeling capable of working this out, I could also pay for the assistance.

Thank you very much in advance
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