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7 years 8 months ago #1 by Tom Da Tech
Fairly quick question.

is it possible to connect my speakers in this way ( pic Below )

I have 4 4 ohm speaker I want to put 2 per channel. Is that possible ?

If you need more info please feel free to contact me and i will post an info you need to help me out.

Now I need not only an answer but a short explination so I never have to ask this again If you just say no I will be like ok And one day ask again cause I am forgetful like that LOL

Thanking all who read and answer this post to help me out.

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7 years 8 months ago #2 by Andy
Hi Tom,

Yes thats totally possible, provided the amplifier is 2 ohm stable in stereo mode.

You do come across a problem if you're using 2 different pairs of speakers (lets say 6" front, 6x9" rear as an example).

You have two options when it comes to wiring them up. If you were to wire the front left and rear left speaker together and powered them off the same channel, you would only be able to get the maximum volume of the 6" speaker, not the 6x9.....it will only play as loud as the 6" speaker will because they are on the same channel. You could up the gain to suit the 6x9, but then you'll have a distorting 6" speaker :laugh:

BUT, if you were to connect both 6x9s together you would be able to get the most of them, but as you are only feeding them one input channel (left or right) they'll only be playing the L or R audio. Do the same with the 6" fronts and they'll be playing the opposite channel, so to actually get stereo sound you need to turn your head sideways :silly:

Hope that clears it up a little for you, and not confused you further :lol:
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