Pioneer deck noise fix

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well, installed my hurt pioneer deh-p600ub deck back into my car today after blowing the rca outputs all to hell. as some know, pioneer decks have a small fuse inside that protects the unit from damage through the rca outputs. when this fuse blows, you get unescapable noise that can only be described by alternator whine turned up to 11. you can hear everything from engine noise to the cd mech spinning. you sit in your car and curse the gods of car audio only to realize most likely, you did it to yourself.

first and foremost, while this will fix it, for the love of christ, dont do it!

ok, first you need to remove the top plate, just pry on it, and you will expose the cd mech. (the keen eye will notice that this is not actually a 600ub. basic ideas apply across most models)

then remove the 4 screws for the cd mech, and carefully remove the ribbon cable, being very careful to not rip it in any way.



now, depending on the model, you may need to remove the main board from the chassis by straightening the hold down tabs, and/or removing some screws


now look close to the rca outputs and you should see a very small piece labelled p*** (numbers here, like p301)


this is the culprit right here, lastly double check by measuring across it with your handy multimeter on the lowest resistance setting, if blown should read open. theres alot of ideas out there, but the one i went with was to solder in a 1 ohm, .25 watt flameproof resistor.



then from here, insulate your resistor from the board and chassis, reassemble in reverse order, making sure to line up the cd mech properly, and enjoy clean sound. im not sure i would rate this particular unit tops for an sq competitive system, but for the average listener, its just fine, and works great for me.

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