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Whats better mtx, kicker, rockford fosgate?

9 years 3 weeks ago #1 by aaabn04
trying to choose a sub i can get:
mtx terminator 2ohm 12" 200watts rm 600max
kicker L5 4ohm 750rms and 1500max
rockford fosgate p2 or p3
9 years 3 weeks ago #2 by zion187reigneth
I would lean towards these ideals

Between the kicker and Fosgate subs
No1 > which is cheaper
No2 >which one looks better in your opinion
No3 > which one has more xmax

Whatever sub scores the highest out of 3 ideals, buy it :)
9 years 3 weeks ago #3 by Dylan
Out of those three I would go the RF P3.

However, there are better woofers out there if you are willing to look at other brands.
9 years 3 weeks ago - 9 years 3 weeks ago #4 by Tezzating
My option would be towards the Kicker or the Rockfords, always did like RF subs for sound.. the Kicker would be louder, but they have a synthetic quality to their bass output which some people dont like.
If I was into rock/metal/jazz/classical, I'd buy the RF's for their more accurate "real instrument" response.
If I was into hiphop/house/techno/electronica, I'd buy the Kicker for the more accurate "synthesised bass" response.

MTX never features on my lists of "woofers I would own".. but then again neither does Pioneer or Alpine :P

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