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So you're new to this ? Start here...

9 years 9 months ago - 9 years 6 months ago #1 by Tezzating
This site is dedicated to delivering quality articles and help for everyone from the beginners to advanced. With that in mind, before you start asking questions we'd like to think you've read atleast some of our articles !
We'd suggest you read these articles, and probably in this order..

Glossary of terms
Its a good idea to know what we're talking about before you ask questions !

What battery to use ?
Save yourself the typing and read all about our tests of regular car batteries versus the "special" batteries.

Stop headlights flashing
Electrical system sags can usually be resolved using the steps in this article.

Powertools and their uses
Learn which powertools to use for the job.

OHM's, Impedence, Resistance, Amp Loads
Before asking questions about ohm's, impedences, how to load the amp, etc. PLEASE read this comprehensive article which should answer all your questions.

Diagnosing amplifier protection faults
Having problems with no sound, sub thumping and turning off, random power downs, PROTECT light on/pulsing ? Read the most common faults and cures before asking.

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9 years 6 months ago #2 by Tezzating
Part 2:

How to build a subwoofer enclosure VIDEO tutorial
Watch this video for a nice start-to-finish of how to build and install a subwoofer enclosure. Covers cabinet building and wiring the amplifier !

Removing door cards
Installing new front speakers, Dynamat, door locks, etc and need to pull off the doors ? Watch this video tutorial to learn how (applicable to most makes and models)

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Its Decibelcar.com Baby
8 years 5 months ago #3 by sidfelix
Yes, I'm new to this and there's no better way than to learn how to make a subwoofer enclosure...
8 years 5 months ago #4 by amcinstaller
i think you mean www.alpine-usa.com
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