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Any way to play FLAC files from a 1Terabyte external Hard drive?

7 years 4 months ago #1 by Dr.Nightfly
I wonder if you have an answer to the very simple question I have.

I own a 2004 Subaru Legacy. I would like to play my >1 Terabyte FLAC music collection via an external Hard Drive connected to its original sound system, as unaltered as possible. Is there any solution?

Ideally, I would also like to connect my iPhone / iPad to the system... but that would be a bonus....

Any suggestion welcome.
7 years 4 months ago #2 by Tezzating
As I'm not aware of any aftermarket source unit that plays FLAC I think your best bet is a car-puter; a Windows PC designed to run off 12V. Using SSD hard disk you should be able to get the load times for Windows down to a point where its acceptably fast.
Utelise the Line-In function on the carputer and a line-level convert to feed audio from the factory CD player into the carputer. This will retain most of the OEM functionality. After that I think you would want an external amplifier, feeding signal from the carputer into it. Use that amplifier to run all the external speakers.
Depending on the carputer you select connecting the iPad or iPhone shouldnt be very difficult to connect.

Unfortunately there's no simple solution to your problem. As a Plan B; you could replace the OEM CD player with an aftermarket unit that supports USB & iPod/iPhone/iPad; convert the FLAC files to Mp3.

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7 years 4 months ago #3 by Tezzating
Actually I found this unit which supports FLAC from SoundStream: www.soundstream.com/...

What features does the Legacy OEM stereo have ? Steering wheel integration ? Is the climate control or anything integrated ?

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7 years 4 months ago - 7 years 4 months ago #4 by zion187reigneth
Looks impressive , i was so sure soundstream was going to go under in 2009 , but they live and are strong. :ohmy:
7 years 4 months ago #5 by Tezzating
Power Acoustic ended up buying them out and now the whole lines bought from OEM's; like most other companies. SS as we know it didnt survive the economic downturn.. the Van Gough was the last USA made SS amp series.

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