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Odyssey SP1700

9 years 2 months ago #1 by Tezzating
For many years the Odyssey 1500/1700 12V battery has been considered to be THE deep cycle cell for SPL purposes. Especially in street classes where power is limit.
Capable of providing 1500 amps for 2 seconds before the battery drops to 10.2V, its deep cycle and makes it perfect for the purposes of Street SPL.

Here I've created a test, comparing the Odyssey 1700 to standard lead-acid batteries.

Odyssey SP1700 as measured: 950 CCA, 12.5V stable, 13.1V float

SuperCharge Gold MF 720 as measured: 720 CCA, 12.7V stable, 13.1V float

Test System:
1x JBL Crown 2200 amp
1x JBL W15GTi subwoofer

Test Equipment:
1x TermLAB USB Sensor

2x SuperCharge Gold MF = 145.2dB
1x Odyssey SP1700 = 145.3dB

In this situation the single Odyssey managed to extract slightly higher SPL's than the pair of lead-acid's.

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