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Schneider Quantum 3000T Monoblock

9 years 2 months ago #1 by Tezzating
This amp uses a "Tripath output processor" and PWM power supply which is supposed to give this Class D efficiency with Class A/B sound quality.

2x 200WRMS @ 4ohm
2x 400WRMS @ 2ohm
1x 800WRMS @ 4ohm bridged

The Test System:
1x JBL W15GTi subwoofer
2x batteries

Test Equipment:
1x CRO
1x DMM
1x Goldline DSP-30 RTA

Gains adjusted on CRO @ 60hz.

Clipped output @ 54hz:

143.0dB, 142.8dB, 142.4dB
at 13.1V (1.0V drop)

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