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9 years 2 months ago #1 by Tezzating
JBL's flagship car sub for a long time now.. the second generation is the same as the first, with a plastic dust cap.
This applied to the 10 & 12 inch version too

- Long excursion rubber surrounds
- Integrated gasket
- Hyper-extended 3" alloy former
- Flat wind copper voice coils (6ohm's each)
- Differential Drive duel motors.. basically 2 magnets at either end of the motor assembly, out of phase with each other. This provides electro-magnetic braking of the cone to prevent over excursion at high power levels. (patented technology).
- Compressed pulp, re-inforced with kevlar cones
- Soft double spiders with stitched tinsel

This sub features a high efficiency due to its soft suspension, but maintains high RMS power handling due to its DDD magnetic braking motor assembly. It can get pretty loud with minimal power, and also sports a low VAS for small enclosure applications.

- DVC 6ohm increases BL (motor strength)
- Insane looks, baskets are like a jet thruster !
- Play LOW lows
- Extremely accurate reproduction.. JBL are master of the studio monitor, and the expertise shows here
- These drivers are used in their PA bins !
- Efficient !

- DVC 6ohm really limits amp choices and loading options.. best suited to strapped mono's or 2 channels run at 3ohm
- Not good for SPL

Conclussion: GREAT SQ & Ground Pounding drivers ! Not good for SPL competition due to weird impedences

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