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JBL GT15 subwoofer

9 years 2 months ago - 9 years 2 months ago #1 by zion187reigneth

GT15 is a simple sub.
I used one of the older versions but still has same specs.
Has 250wrms rating but i readily gave it 500wrms.
Loves power.

15" cone size
SVC 4ohms 250wrms
Medium sized magnet.
Average Surround size creates nice excursion.

This sub is a budget friendly sub.
Giving it the rated power and above creates quality Sound.
The sub can be used in sealed and ported applications, possibly better in ported.
Its a good buy for the price.

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9 years 2 months ago #2 by Tezzating
The entry level JBL are always overlooked because they look too bland. That's a real shame because they're quite good subs for the money. They'll get out of shape if you push them beyond their limits, but that's how the JBL line up works. They're priced to their capabilities which keeps the costs down on their entry level lines.

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