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Dynamat Xtreme (Bulk, Door & Trunk pack)

9 years 2 months ago - 9 years 2 months ago #1 by Tezzating
Dynamat Xtreme represents the Dynamat companies top level bitumen backed foil sound dampener. Sure they're say its a special blend polymer something or other, but we know the main ingredients are rubber and tar and a heavy aluminium foil backing to make installation easy and clean.
One of the very first commercially available dampeners, Dynamat has been used in a whole lot of very successful and famous vehicles (both SPL & SQ).
Dynamat Xtreme comes in a number of sized kits. Smallest to Largest: Speaker Kit, Wedge Kit, Door Kit, Trunk Pack, Bulk Pack.
Used sparingly and in the right places, one Trunk kit is enough to do a small hatchback effectively !

Xtreme produces a "loading" of 2.2Kg per 1m^2, approx 2x the loading of regular Dynamat.
More spec's here if you want them.

Application of Dynamat is straight forward. Clean the surfaces to be treated with a Grease & Wax remover, cut to the right shape with scissors or a knife, peel the backing and stick.
Curved surfaces can be fiddly and you may need to heat the Dynamat to get it into all crevices and cracks.
Getting the matting to really stick is easily achieved using a 17mm deep socket for large areas, a 10mm deep socket for small areas, or the special Dynamat Roller tool.

It does what it claims. It cuts down road noise, cuts down panel noise and helps improve sound response. Used in the right places, it can also improve the SPL output of a vehicle.
Its expensive, but it works well, and is more effective than cheaper alternatives like Peel'n'Stick, Flashtac & BrownBread.

- Once its stuck, its stuck. So make sure you REALLY want it where your placing it
- It'll stick to skin, hair, jeans, windows and dash panels just as effectively as metal panels !
- It'll clog up you blades or scissors, so dont use your wife/girlfriend/mothers good sewing scissors.

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