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well, since the spam bots are running rampant tonite, and i have time to sit for a while, i may as well make a small story about my recent trip with my new wife.

All started the day of july 23rd, when we were married. Tezzer was present and will tell you all about how he enjoyed the day (at least i think he did :P ). Then after a quick nap in our hotel room, we got up Sunday morning and headed south and then west into the mountains of British Columbia. Our first stop was in a NAPA in Calgary so that I could grab a resistor block and have more than one fan speed :unsure:

Then the next stop was to a small restaurant in a small skiing village called Lake Louise. We never saw the ski hill, but being July, I am betting the snow was scarce. We grabbed a quick but just plain amazing burger at the lounge cause the restaurant half was packed for some private function. A quick stop just into the mountains a bit to sample the ice cold but very clear and blue water and then it was off to Revelstoke for our first two nights stay.

In Revelstoke we stayed at a Bed and Breakfast (which I will NOT recommend to anyone) that had hospitable guests but we were charged for unseen and uncaused damages :angry: . Nevertheless, it was a pretty nice place, having a nice (but again VERY cold) waterfall, and with the waterfall, the owner ran a generator all year long to make enough power to run his entire property :ohmy:

We spent a day exploring what Revelstoke and surrounding areas had to offer, like a ghost town, train museum and the enchanted forest (which I still think was made by a couple of hippies who smoked too much pot) but I'll show only a couple of shots there:

After our second night we were treated to an amazing swedish breakfast (which I can not recall what it was called) made with eggs and spices and toast and cheese, and it was yummy. From there we headed west again, and rode the first of three ferries:

From the ferry we continued in a southwest direction through the twisty and windy roads of BC to Vernon and down to Hope. The roads were very sharp, having mountain on one edge, and cliff on the other, and very sharp bends, small bridges, and my wife screaming while my permagrin wearing ass swerved us through them. Lots of fun! We spent one night in Hope, and thankfully it was only one night cause that place is not very nice at all :sick: . We started the visit by checking out some old tunnels made for the railway but have since had the train tracks removed and you can walk in them now. VERY dark, cant even see your hand in front of your face. Very very nice though, the only thing I could say was "Holy shit" when I saw the first, I was speechless.

The last few were closed to the public due to a rockslide however:

After sleeping our only night in Hope, we woke up to attempt a buggy ride through some mountain trails but were ultimately disappointed when the fellow refused to answer his phone when he knew we were coming :angry:

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So from Hope we were off to some nice relaxation in some Hot springs! B) We headed back east, and a ways into the journey, we came into Grand Forks BC, which happens to sit right beside the US Border, and I thought why not, lets just head this way and see if we can sneak across the border and get a quick shot in front of a US sign, just to say we were there. Keep in mind we have no Passports cause we werent really expecting to be crossing the border, but as soon as we turned the corner we came to this:

A border crossing with some not very nice border patrol agents. Granted they are only doing their job, after 45 minutes, we were back on our way with two pictures seeing as there was nowhere to set the camera and use the timer. So one shot of me beside the welcome to Washington sign, and one of Sarah beside the same sign. Oh, we were also sent with a stern warning not to do that again. Trust me, after the headache of that for such shit reward, I wont try it any time soon. The Canadian Agent was much nicer, and recommended us to just cross illegally somewhere far from the border crossing if all we want is a picture.

So after a few more hours on the road, and with tummies rumbling, we decide that we were going to stop at the next town for a quick bite. Also, my car decided it wanted to stop at the next town to rest its tired legs as well, and try to eat a small installer.

The exhaust detached itself at a previous joint. So when we hit the next town, both our ears and our tummies were relieved for the stop, fix and food. We arrived at Aisnworth Hot Springs a few hours later after making a call home to our baby (our daughter Hayley stayed with her Grandma for the week) but she hasnt quite figured out the phone idea yet. At 3 years old, I figure itll be the opposite in 12 years and we wont be able to keep her off of it. Ainsworth is VERY nice, very scenic and the pool is VERY hot, coming in at 40 degrees Celsius! :ohmy: But very relaxing, with good food and beers in the restaurant. Too busy for room service this night however.

This pool is only 35 degrees, the Hot springs pool is actually a cave that you can go in! :ohmy: Very cool (or whatever, Im not trying for a pun here). Not my picture, but this is the cave:

We woke up the next morning and were hoping to go cave exploring but were disappointed for the second time when the caves were not open. But we did get to explore a pretty neat Steam Powered Sternwheeler

Moving on, we got to ride the third and last ferry of the trip, and after thinking we were lost, came across a small village full of artists of all types from blown glass, to copper necklaces, iron workers, painters and even a broom maker! The broom maker even made promotional brooms for one of the Garry Potter releases:

Then the next stop was to Radium for another Hot springs visit. We didnt end up going to the crowded hot springs but rather spent a quiet night in the room with some room service food and beers and a movie, but not before making use of the empty pool and hot tub in the hotel. The next morning after waking up well rested and ready to continue, we hit up the patio of the hotel restaurant for some breakfast in the nice crisp morning mountain air

Despite what I may have wanted, there was no vodka in that orange juice. A quick gas up and off again, where we headed to our last stop in the mountains, in Canmore. A long and made even longer cause someone got us lost (Ill admit it was me :blush: ) bike ride, then back to the room for a movie. The next morning we headed to Banff and rode the gondola up to Sulphur mountain, which was fun, and cold since it was raining up there. The rain let up thankfully, and we were able to get a picture or two before heading back down and leaving for Calgary. We hit Calgary and decided to do our siteseeing there early, and visited the Zoo, and Calgary Tower, both of which were enjoyable.

From there, one last stop to shop in the new mall, which is to be or is now the biggest mall in our province, maybe a bigger area, i dont know. Then back home for some much needed sleep, and to open the last few wedding gifts.

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8 years 3 months ago #3 by Andy
Awesome! What can i the first and second pics, very jealous of the country and weather :)
8 years 3 months ago #4 by Tezzating

C.C.S.S. wrote: Awesome! What can i the first and second pics, very jealous of the country and weather :)

You just wanna go fishing here :P Unlike the USA, Canada has a more hard arse attitude towards fishing the national parks and its pretty fucken illegal.

Always wanted to go to Radium, get my radiation on in the hot springs

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