what's all the subwoofers you have owned?

7 years 7 months ago - 7 years 7 months ago #1 by amcinstaller
so, driving home the other night, and i got on the topic of all the crap ive spent my money on over the years. needless to say the wife was none too impressed (or should i say didnt really care, either way :) ) about my huge list of cars and subwoofers. both are long lists :laugh: anyway, only ones youve personally owned an ran, no demos or borrowed from a buddy for a show!

1x12" JL 12w0 lost it in a breakup with a girl long ago
1x 10" pioneer vccs sub (black cone silver pointy dustcap) foam surround ripped after lots of use
2x12" premier vccs subs (silver cone, gold cap) ditto, still wailed hard
2x10" pheonix gold octane ZR, cones exploded in the cold winter
2x12" pheonix gold octane ZR, ran a pair, gave one away, ran the other in a tri-tuner, former failed but voice coil did not :blink:
4x10" orion c2 104 (post DEI buyout) sold a pair to the store, sold a pair to a coworker
2x12" extreme (DEI) still running, smell burning after some abuse but still play good
1x12" extreme used it in a couch with a home audio subwoofer panel amp mounted to the back of the couch (shook heads and asses :lol: )
1x12" alpine type R, surround ripped off and started flapping around
1x12" JL 12w1, office subwoofer, will soon fall victim to wall socket power :evil:
2x8" rockford fosgate series 1, destined to be used in a home stereo system (antique on the outside, power on the inside)
1x12" DD 2512, used it for a while before my shitty planet audio vector d exploded (again :angry: ), will be used again hopefully soon
1x10" phoenix gold tantrum elite, ran it for a while, sold it for more than i paid for it

the ones that dont count:
1x12" premier sw3002, sold it before i ever ran it,
1x12" pioneer champion pro, sold it before i ran it, found out i woulda killed it in 2 minutes (literally :ohmy: )
2x12" rockford fosgate HE2, borrowed from a buddy for a show :lol:
7 years 7 months ago #2 by Tezzating
3 no name 10"
1 no name 12"
1 Orion XTR4 15"
4 Earthquake Magma 12"
6 JBL W15GTi
2 DD 99 15"
2 DD 35 10"
1 DD 508

I've owned a lot more amps than subs :P

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7 years 7 months ago #3 by amcinstaller
didnt you also have an re 12 at some point? you should start a thread about amps then. ive owned a few too :)
7 years 7 months ago #4 by RegenerationX
I think ill have the shortest list lol

2 - 10" Cerwin Vega from god who knows when
2 - 10" Pioneers from again most likely stone age

Currently have 2 - 10" orions

There you have my short short list un like the 2 above lol
7 years 7 months ago #5 by Tezzating
Oh yes the RE-MX 12" too, I forgot about it.. I think I've owned some cheap Sony & Pioneer stuff too

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