Suzuki GTi

5 years 9 months ago #1 by steveo
So after 2 ore 3 years i decided it was time to sell the Corolla for a new project so i got me a 95 GTi.

Now to the negatives..
front bar needs work so does every panel on the car... except for the roof.
The cars existing wiring.. all i can say is one speaker had 26 connections just twisted together lol.
It has a aftermarket RPM Gauge......... only sits about 3" away from a factory RPM ... stupid plebs lol
but here's the worst of it, the dash has already been wrapped so if i remove it id have holes so its staying. it dnt lookk bad at all but dicky with factory meter 3" away lol

I got the rear deadened, replaced the corroded stock batt with a AGM 120Ah Vision Batt
And started on a re-trim during night.

Plans :
This time im keeping the back seat so decided on the following :

1x RE xxx 12 in a 4Cuft box (uncertain wether to port or seal as yet.)
1x RE USX65KV.1
1x RE 6x9 Splits
1x RE Sr 6.5 Components
1x Option Audio OAC-160c
off a pioneer X5550BT

Simple setup but good for a daily

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