1998 Subaru impreza

4 years 7 months ago #1 by steveo
So its been ages round about 3 cars infact but i thought is do a new build log on the new car total savings build lol.
items to be fitted out:

1x ground zero gzrw 38spl
2 x Audiopipe Audiopipe TSFA80 8"
4x Audiopipe TSAR6 -6" mids
2x 4" ???? yet to buy
1x set SR splits
Pioneer AVHX5550bt
1xsony 2 channel- (power front splits)
Clarion 6 channel ( power 4x6" and 2x 4"
Sound digital - SD250.2D ( power the slimline 8's
3x Haze 85AH AGms- 2x under the bonnet.

i already own 90% of the goods :)

So after being given this.)
car from my sister who recently moved to the States for a few years, it looked like crap so i got my self a new front bar and head lights, painted up and fitted (yet to get a polish)
Anyway learnt that our very own Andy is holding another comp, so me being me decided i had to do something so last week tuned into a hu/RCA/rem install, no speakers just so i can enter a class.... gots to support the locals :P

so came up with the following:
after mis-calculation had to fill some space inside the box to where i wanted it but single 12 build it was

the idea is to dis connect the front batts on the day so i can enter class A tho going for a 149-150, was 147ish tho after first burp hit a 148@48hz tho thinking its hitting to high tho lack of room to lower the tune.

After the comp i intend on continuing the original plan

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4 years 5 months ago #2 by Tezzating
Thats my favourite year for the Impreza.. probably because it was the first WRX I ever saw lol.
Thats one hell of a strong looking box, if your plans are to compete then its a great start.. even if it was a mis-calculation that lead to that result. I bet she's a heavy one ;)

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