Daihatsu Mira V2

4 years 1 month ago - 4 years 1 month ago #1 by steveo
Hi Peeps how are we all, been ages thought id share the new build as spent a bit of time on it and i think its nearly there.....

In this build there are :

Soundigital AudioControl equilizer and x-over
2x Soundigital SD800.4's
1x Taramps 20.2 (soon to be swapped out for a Soundigital SD Evo 12k)
1x 320A altanator with 3x 0awg charge wire runs
4x Naka NSX 15 (1850wRMS)
8x 6.5" DS18 mid range (SVC8)
8x 4" pioneer (SVC4)
6x 12v/80AH batteries

This time we went all out to event paint the car.
Paint we ( my Neibor(Alibi-Art),Blake and I ) only closed door job due to time ( 2 weeks) to complete the car but we did the following

full rub back , hi filled primer,
Ford territry red with a blue and white pearl as a base,
then added a 25G 25k golt flect the the base
then we air brushed it ( The whole car)
then we added Candy apple to the mix...
its still stands waiting it 2000 and 4000 wet n dry & pollish but atm to busy with work

not happy with the door cards either they will change to fibreglass molded ones when i get the time.
interior was rushed aswell and needs cleaning up we will be hydrodipping the entire dash prob over next school hollidays tho. pics to follow


Well rush job ie still building at 0230 day prior to event tested and rough tune at event best unoficial was 156.8 cracked the winscreen in 5-6 places, taped up then official dbdrag x 3 event did a 56.7 @47
continued to demo pretty hard fried a 15 had to un wire 2x15s out for elimination round and backed up with a 52.4 @ 50 tho it went out in style i must say...


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