2008 Suzuki Grand Vitara DDiS Turbo Diesel

7 years 7 months ago #41 by amcinstaller
the plot thickens....... :huh: :lol:
7 years 7 months ago #42 by Tezzating
He buys and stores old cars and forgets about them :P

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7 years 7 months ago #43 by Andy
:whistle: :blush:

Anyway, ive done 10,000km in the GV over the past 3 months, so it was time for an oil change......service manual indicated a coolant and brake fluid change, but that can wait. :(
So it was just a simple oil and filter change, 3 hours into it and i had move the filter about an inch :eek:
Long story short i got it done, still not quite convinced the new one went on tight enough (probably only got in half a turn past first contact) but it seems all good. :unsure:

Also fitted a set of 100w (each) 4300k HIDs to the low beams, along with the Lightforce 240GTs (soon to be upgraded to 100w HIDs as well), its fair to say ive got decent lighting sorted :lol:
7 years 7 months ago #44 by amcinstaller
jesus i bet thats bright! :ohmy: we put some HIDs in regenerationx's mazda 3 and even at only 70w on the lows, with 55w on the highs and fogs, that thing is midnight sun! i can only imagine
7 years 7 months ago - 7 years 7 months ago #45 by Andy
Yeah they arent too shabby, will get some pics ;)

The GV has a fairly sharp (and low) cutoff for the low beams, this is the reason why i went so bright. In the 4300k colour they dont stick out as HIDs 100 miles away, but provide much more lighting to the areas about 15m (45 feet) all around the front of the vehicle.

I was going to upgrade the OEM high beams as well, but i think with 100w HIDs in the Lightforce 240 housing, i will literally be able to see for miles :rock:
There was nowhere to mount the AC ballasts so i removed the grille and mounted them on the lower radiator support panel:

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Interestingly enough, my FM radio reception gets "glitchy" when i turn them on now......wondering if its the AC ballasts?

Also, checked the filter today.......there's oil on the bottom of it :angry: Will get underneath it tomorrow and see if i can tighten it up a little more, not something you wanna be doing after working on cars all day.
7 years 7 months ago #46 by Tezzating
Did you oil the O-ring first ? That'll stop the leaks. I only ever do my cans up hand tight, they seem to tighten to impossible to remove on their own haha.
But, clean mating surface, oil the new cans o-ring, hand tight.

Define glitchy :P

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7 years 7 months ago #47 by Andy
Yeah ofcourse, always swear a nice coating of oil onto the O ring before hand-tightening.....in the Suzuki's case i could only tighten it with two fingers until contact (barely), so i used the removal tool in reverse to tighten it a little more, which wasnt easy.

Ive done over 350km and ive been checking the oil daily, dosent seem to be loosing alot, but what makes things complicated is i found a small oil leak somewhere around the filter area (but it definitely wasnt the filter or seal itself) before working on it, so im assuming that leak still exists.

Its really starting to look like a car i will be hesitant to work on, there's just no room anywhere in this thing.....the plumbing is ridiculously complicated, im fairly certain the leak is coming from one of these lines, but working out which one will be the fun part.
Tell you what, i'll take plenty of pics to show everyone the room i have to work in on Monday when i try to isolate the leak and tighten the filter (if its actually loose). :(

Radio reception is reduced when the HID's are on, this new radio is weird when it gets a weak station, instead of a "shhh" noise it sort of goes glitchy, like digital tv :laugh:
The light output is pretty sweet, and the big bonus i think im yet to get "flashed" because someone thinks my high beams are on....means im not blinding oncoming traffic - my pet hate with HIDs.
7 years 6 months ago #48 by Tezzating
Might be re-processing the signal digitally, that'll give the drunken popping sounds

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7 years 6 months ago #49 by Andy
The oil leak saga continues.....
2,500km done since change and there's very little indication of oil loss on the dipstick, yet i have oil on the garage floor. :blink:
Its not from the diff or gearbox, as they are both in pristine condition, only places the oil seems to be is A) on the bottom of the oil filter itself, none below the filter at all. B) all around the bottom of the sump plate.
Im thinking ive probably got a small leak in the filter seal, and its just dripping straight down onto an area i cant see, then draining onto the sump......either that or the sump gasket is leaking again (fixed previously under warranty). Either way its obviously not a massive leak, but its the only thing wrong with the car and i wanna fix it!
Damn this 5w30 synthetic oil.....its VERY watery, i can imagine any tiny leak will be exposed using such thin oil :(

Everything else is going great with the car, the head-unit and OBD link are working perfectly.....its even changed my driving habits and ive gone from an average of 7.6L/100km to 6.8L/100km, nearly 1000km from a tank, in a 1.8 tonne SUV that not bad at all :smoke:
7 years 2 months ago - 7 years 1 month ago #50 by Andy
Before building the Vibe Demo car, i have been given an 1250w RMS 12" Option Audio XT Series subwoofer to play with, numbers wise.

I have built a SPL enclosure, details are:

* 2.7 cubic feet gross volume
* 16/32mm MDF construction
* Inverted subwoofer
* Sealed internally with fiberglass resin (4 coats)
* Flush port mouth, 6" flare sunk into rear of enclosure
* Interchangeable external 6" port

Here are some of the build pics, obviously the port will not be that long......i plan to chop and test on my meter ;)

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7 years 2 months ago - 7 years 1 month ago #51 by Andy
More build pics.....

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7 years 2 months ago #52 by Tezzating
Hey Lazy, insert the images :P

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7 years 1 month ago #53 by Andy
Better? :P

No comments on the setup?

I chucked in a 60cm port and started to wear the sub in on the drive to work and back (an hour each way). Sub is still very tight and gets smelly rather quickly, so im thinking the suspension really needs to loosen up as the coil is burning up trying to push the suspension and cone thats very stiff!
Either way, i'd say the tuning with this port will be around 28-30hz, similar to BassBox Pro. Damn it hits the lows nicely, no problems playing "Bass, I Love You".....which gets down into the 20hz region :ohmy:

On the way home today i blew the port out of the box :huh: Due to the poor seal i had and the shear weight of a 60cm port! Ive replaced it with a 30cm version, sealed much better. On the drive tomorrow i'll see where this port tunes.
7 years 1 month ago #54 by Tezzating
The bonding resins can smoke like a bitch; breaking in new JBL GTi's I always had smoke belching out of the vents ;) but a lot of fun at events as everyone would think you cooked 'em good only to have them still work flawlessly.

30hz is pretty low; bet it wasnt exactly loud at that level. The shorter port is more to my satisfaction :P wonder what its doing on the meter?

Thats some really nice work on those PVC flares, must have taken an hour or so to get the radius right. The baffle work is exquisite too

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7 years 1 month ago #55 by Andy
Hmm, havent come across this before......possibly the trait of a top end woofer? My Response 12s didnt do that and the SPL Dynamics 15s didnt either.

Anyway, today it was all good, didnt get smelly at all. With the 30cm port in its tuned to about 40-42hz, peaks at about that in the car too. Certainly much more pressure now, ive just about lost my rear vision mirror......at 40hz and 1/2 volume it flexes the roof and all 4 doors easily.
Im going to do some meter-tuning tomorrow night at work, will be testing inverted vs normal firing and tuning the port. Ive gone with a box abit larger than usual for a single 12 because i believe the Suzuki peaks rather low, around mid to low 40s from what i can tell. So hopefully i can tune this enclosure to peak around there, and be ultra-efficient too as i dont have a lot of power to play with :laugh:

These are the things i need to do which im certain will gain from:

* Install Optima D31 YT next to amp and use 50mm2 cable to connect the amp, no fuses.
* Modify the amp's own fuses, remove standard 30A units and replace with "buzz bars".
* Play around with cabin / seating / interior.
7 years 1 month ago #56 by Andy
Alrighty, did some testing after work last night and managed 143.3db @ 48hz, with just the stock battery up front and 4awg wiring with 100A ANL fuse. :thumbs:

The 12"/300mm port was tuned a little low......it did 142.2db @ 43hz. I whacked in a 8"/200mm port and tuning jumped up to 52hz, with a score of 143.0db. I chopped the 300mm port down to 250mm and tried that.....143.3db @ 48hz.

I tried flipping the sub, but in the few burps i did it managed 142.6/.7s at around 52hz, i think it was actually peaking abit higher but ran out of testing time. Port loading was weird too, it didnt like to be less than 12" away from the tailgate at all.....scores dropped dramatically (0.8-1.2db) with the smallest adjustment!! It moves a crapload of air through that port, so im thinking possibly going with a larger port, possibly a custom MDF 7"???

The amp's fuses are restricting power into the amp (it is running at 1 ohm bridged, its a 2 channel....not mono), as they felt rather warm over a few burps. I also think i'll gain alot from adding the Optima next to the amp with very short 0awg power / earth cables to the amp.

I hoping for 145s, surely not un-reachable with this gear in the Suzuki? I think not :smoke:
7 years 1 month ago #57 by steveo
Ive tried using the App radio app and its a load of crap ive tried a few of them no good.Including the Mixtrax :( However i haven't been a fan of Pioneer but so far I'm loving my head unit Andy advised me to get. does everything sound wise and is awesome for the iphone/ GPS software and Safety apps i use for work. i don't think ill get another brand for a fair while now.
7 years 1 month ago #58 by steveo
hey man just regarding the above i can lend u my spare OAX2000 for the SIDS event.
7 years 1 month ago #59 by Andy

steveo wrote: hey man just regarding the above i can lend u my spare OAX2000 for the SIDS event.

Thanks for the offer but its all good for now, i want to see what i can do with ~1000w RMS first.......then possibly hit up the OA rep for a mono, with the scores its doing, im sure there's enough motivation for him to throw me one :lol:

I have modded the amp's internal fuses, bridging them with 10AWG cable. I have also wired in the Optima and used 0AWG cable to feed the amp. Re-did the vehicle earthing point and upgraded the front fuse to a 100A ANL (from a 60A circuit breaker that kept tripping). Hopefully this will see less voltage drop to the amp and more power output. We will be having a test and tune night on Thursday so we'll see what the gains are :smoke:
7 years 1 month ago #60 by amcinstaller
i miss the days when current safety devices were deleted in the quest for more power :laugh: is that amp an unregulated power supply amp?
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