New Build - Option Audio Toyota Corolla Seca!

7 years 4 weeks ago #121 by Andy
Those OA amps make dirty power.......if you tune them on a scope with no clipping at say volume 50 on a Pioneer head-unit, you'll find it still gaining at 55+ volume.
On the scope i can tell you that wave looks terrible, more flattened out then wave! :ohmy: But the scores still rise.
7 years 4 weeks ago #122 by steveo
the lasttime i used a CRO i was in 3rd year electronics trade at tafe bout 12 yrs ago. i couldnt use 1 now if my life depended on it lol.
I wasnt talking about changing any anp settings just finding the right frequency for tht single box. i only turned up cause it was strong n i had about 5 sec's left n no higher freqency in the playist.. since then ive added more.
However i want to know if i were to create 30 sec bursts but in a wave format will that help any in comparison to a mp3.
7 years 3 weeks ago #123 by amcinstaller
i noticed the same on my old planet audio vector d. pretty dirty, waves got a little out of control past 1/4 gain. and i dont think the wav format will make you any noticeable gains but they are easier to create, at least they were when i made mine. i found a tone generator online and it would create sweeps and tones then you could make them into wav files
7 years 2 weeks ago #124 by steveo
ok bordom sucks so i threw a box together. resined inside and outside glassed over corers on inside of box then my kids got into sikaflew\x n created a mess so i spread it over the outer edges as it was gunna be waisted

After hearing this. Sorry Andy but im thinking after xmas it all comes back out and i think i want 6x12's spl style.

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7 years 2 weeks ago #125 by steveo
haha give me 6
7 years 2 weeks ago #126 by Tezzating
Now play Go Cat Go on it :P

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