Vibe Audio Australia / AutObarn Maitland - Audio Demonstration Vehicle

6 years 1 month ago - 6 years 1 week ago #1 by Andy
Vibe Audio Australia and AutObarn Maitland have teamed to up build a serious demo vehicle to showcase Vibe's "mid-range" audio products - the BlackAir level.

The products will be as follows:

2 x pairs of BlackAir 6.5" splits
2 x pairs of BlackAir 6x9s

2 x BlackBox 4 x 100w RMS amplifiers

8 x 12" BlackAir 550w RMS Subwoofers, Dual 2 ohm

4 Blackbox Bass 1 1250w RMS Monoblocks (will be ran at 2 ohm, 1000w RMS each)

4 x Supercharge "Amp-Tech" 105Ah SLA Deep Cycle Batteries

3 x Bulk Packs of Dynamat Extreme

DNA Audio 4AWG Power / Earth
DNA Audio 12AWG Speaker Cable

30 Cu.Ft. Wall, Vertical Clamshell Ported.
32mm MDF with 2"x 4" and 1/2" Steel Rod Bracing.

Below is a pic of the subs, speakers and front stage amps.....i gots some work to do :)

A full log will be kept here, showcasing a full-on audio demo car build from start to finish!! :thumbs:

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6 years 1 month ago #2 by Tezzating
Looks good start building

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Its Baby
6 years 1 month ago - 6 years 1 month ago #3 by Andy
Building has started......even if it wasnt me :laugh: Love being a boss :laugh:

And yeah, i have a 3000kg hoist :smoke:

Got the lackies to strip out the rear of the interior and the roof lining.

The roof ribs are surprisingly in good condition, with all still glued to the exterior panel. I have started gluing 16mm MDF to the sections in between the'd be amazed how many uses you can find for a forklift if it think about it :ohmy:

Also started filling the rear quarter panels with expanding foam.....messy job but the concrete option isnt exactly clean either! Thats 4 extra large cans, i used 1 whole can in the cavity above the wheel arch (you see it spewing out of the service holes). From this, im guessing around 15-20 cans to fill the remaining cavities and the rear doors! At $11 a can, there's over $200 just in expanding foam!!!

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6 years 3 weeks ago #4 by Tezzating
Needs More Updates !

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6 years 3 weeks ago #5 by amcinstaller
with minions and a lift it should be done already :beer:
6 years 2 weeks ago - 6 years 2 weeks ago #6 by Andy
Progress has been slow the past week......too much work on to think about it :(

I have received the cabling (DNA Audio 4AWG, 2 x 25m rolls, DNA Audio 12AWG Speaker Cable, 50m roll) and the batteries (4 x Supercharge Amp-Tech 100Ah SLAs) have been confirmed. Dynamat has also been confirmed, 3 bulk packs.

Yesterday i finished off the rest of the expanding foam, filling the rear doors and the roof "sills". I also got to finishing off the MDF panels to strengthen the roof. Hopefully the end of next week sees the cabin nice and strong, ready for wiring and dynamat :thumbs:
6 years 2 weeks ago #7 by Tezzating
For Street A right ? :P

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6 years 2 weeks ago #8 by amcinstaller
dont know about you but the shops here get a little crazy when the white gold starts falling from the sky and everyone wants remote starters :)
6 years 2 weeks ago - 6 years 2 weeks ago #9 by Andy

3 x Bulk packs of Dynamat have arrived, along with 4 x Supercharge AmpTech 105Ah batteries, weighing in at 31.8kg each, over 120kgs of batteries!! :blink:

I have also received 2 of the 5 Vibe BlackBox Bass 1 1250wrms mono amplifiers. very sexy looking 560mm long it will be a tight squeeze to for 4 of them on the rear wall, but if i angle them it should be OK.

Here's some update pics, thats 9mm MDF with a crapload of liquid nails holding it up. Ive sikaflexed the ribs and sealed off the sills, a whole bulkpack of Dynamat was used on the roof.......its safe to say that roof is as strong as any part of the car now, feels real solid :thumbs:

This will be the mounting location for the batteries, i'll make "beauty" panels for the front and top, with perspex windows showing the front stickers and terminals / wiring. Its only 420Ah and about 2000CCA, but you will also need to remember i only have about 4000w at 2 ohm and around 500A maximum current draw so those batteries should be laughing. If there's voltage issues i'll look into a H.O. alternator or possibly removing the A/C compressor for a second alternator.

Pretty much have everything i need now, just waiting on the other 3 monoblocks and i'll have no more excuses......the SERIOUS work will begin :eek:

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6 years 2 weeks ago #10 by Andy

amcinstaller wrote: dont know about you but the shops here get a little crazy when the white gold starts falling from the sky and everyone wants remote starters :)

Sorry to say, i have never even seen this "white gold" you refer to :P Actually ive only ever fitted 2 remote starters in my career......both for wank factor only :laugh:

No street class......remember many, many moons ago, you told me to build a SS 5+ car because Alvero (?) in that looney tunes swift was winning all the time? Well the Honda never made it, but the Commodore will :P

As you can see, im taking this car seriously.....ive built this exact model car to 150s in street classes and i know where the problems lie, IMO ive got a massive advantage over most that have built an SPL car, this time i want 155+ daily.
6 years 2 weeks ago #11 by Dylan
I need to check in here more often. Can't believe I've been missing out on this!
6 years 2 weeks ago #12 by amcinstaller
yea, when the snow hits, remote starters start flyin out the door, and installers make big coins, assuming they are good and not idiots roasting computers :laugh: but anyway, this is starting to look like one of those out of hand spl cars i keep hearing about. cant wait to see the finished product.

and holy shit its dylan!!!
6 years 1 week ago - 6 years 1 week ago #13 by Andy
A bit of progress yesterday.....whipped up a battery box and figured out the wiring layout. Here's a few pics of the work i got done:

Perspex windows will be mounted on the top and front of the box, showing the wiring and battery stickers etc. I will be mounting 2 aluminium buzzbars on the back of the box, linking all batteries via a single 4AWG cable. From there i'll have 4 x 4AWG power / earths (positive through ANL fuses) to each mono amplifier. I will also need to run 2 x 4AWG power / earths for the full range amps and there will be a single 4AWG charge cable from the front battery / alternator. The big 3 earth upgrade has been done.

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6 years 1 week ago #14 by steveo
wow man its really coming along great. i like how u went about the battery storage, seeing how much detail you went to with the dynamatting. makes me want to rip out the roof lining and c-piller interior and dynamat it.
Great work..
6 years 1 week ago #15 by Dylan
Looks good mate. Your inspiring me to get to work on the Forester. :D
6 years 1 week ago #16 by Andy
Yes do work son! :beer:

Hopefully i'll be able to get the battery box finished (inc lighting) by the end of next week, and we can start construction of the 300+kg subwoofer enclosure :eek:

Im thinking of using horizontal strips on either side of the enclosure, with threaded rods bracing across to each side. 2-3 1/2" rods should stop most of the flex there ;)
6 years 1 week ago - 6 years 1 week ago #17 by Andy
Progress!! :laugh:

3 Bulk Packs of Dynamat have been "absorbed" by the Commodore, 1 in the roof, 1 on the floor and 1 for all 4 doors:

I also did a little more work with the expanding foam, because i just love the stuff :lol: Used another 2 cans in each rear door.....i think its safe to say there's enough foam in there?

Also got the MDF for the enclosure........10 x 16mm sheets equals 340kg just for the enclosure :ohmy: I immediately started "laminating" the sheets in 32mm thickness by adding 500ml of PVA glue with a brush, then aligning both sheets and placing a screw in each corner to stop it sliding. Conveniently at work we received 3 pallets of stock, all motor oil B) each pallet weighs 935kg, with the small pallet on top weighing 345kg. So we've placed a total of 2215kg on that MDF :P We'll leave it overnight and remove the pallets in the morning.

Yes, that is a BBQ and a fully sick Autobarn go kart in the background......look closely and you'll see glad wrap on the tyres ;) :lol:

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6 years 1 week ago #18 by Andy
Well got abut more done today, but no progress pics till Monday. :(

Ive started building the frame that will extend the rear floor up to the B pillar, initially we were going to use steel, and weld it into place. But time restraints and my favoritism for wood meant i have used 2" x 4" pine bracing. I will lay a 16mm sheet of MDF as the extended floor which will also support the front half of the box. Underneath the box at the front (the rear footwells) will be the 2 x 4ch full range amps, flush mounted with charcoal carpet finish.

The MDF for the enclosure was released from its 2+ tonnes this morning and they all seem nice and solid, i'll be cutting the pieces out on Monday and test fitting it into the car. Im wary of the clamshell design and whether or not i'll have enough room on the baffles for 4 x im cutting baffles (700mm x 700mm) and the 8 x 12" holes almost straight away, i have a bad feeling it'll look too much like swiss cheese with very little MDF left.
6 years 6 days ago #19 by Dylan
Man, I need laminating facilities like that at my place!
6 years 4 days ago #20 by Andy
Hey B) It was just a coincidence, never had so much oil turn up.......right as i was painting the PVA on :laugh:

More updates, i have completed the bracing and floor for the rear seat area, also mounted the 4ch amps in place and made beauty panels so they sit flush. I didnt get any photos of the pine bracing completed, but basically its got about 8m in there, supports 2 100kg boys no problems.

I still need to neaten up those beauty panels, and mount the amps level with the will all be carpeted and as we know, carpet hides alot :pinch:

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