Vibe Audio Australia / AutObarn Maitland - Audio Demonstration Vehicle

7 years 1 month ago #21 by steveo
Great work boys. Looki g great. Can't wait to see it completed
7 years 1 month ago #22 by Andy
Thanks Steve.

Got the 4ch amps wired up today, they'll be mounted for the final time tomorrow and the cover panels will be carpeted.

Ran 4 AWG cable to each 4 x 100w RMS amps, not even looking at the insert terminals to check the size, how many 4x100 amps have 4 AWG terminals? havent come across one that dosent. Anyway point to the story is, they have 8 AWG inputs!! So a quick "haircut" and some glue lined heatshrink over the end leaves a nice 8 AWG sized cable with no "stray" bits of copper to potentially short things out.

Still havent marked or cut the 32mm MDF since laminating it. Been pretty tied up with "normal" work, damn customers paying money and all :laugh:
7 years 1 month ago #23 by steveo
Dam those types......... your a manager get the minnions to do the "normal" whilst u do the wagon lol.
7 years 1 month ago - 7 years 1 month ago #24 by Tezzating
Nothing wrong with giving thick cable a haircut! The problems getting the power to the terminal so the thicker the better.
Plan B you could have drilled them out with a 12mm bit ? hahaha

Time is money right.. and if Andrew's not putting in the time he's not getting money !

Thats starting to come together really nicely. Brace the shit out of that backwall once its in there; lots of DB's to be found in a strong backwall.

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7 years 1 month ago #25 by Andy
Yeah i thought about drilling the terminals out.....but seeing as i dont actually own the amps.... :)

The back wall will be 64mm thick, and screw on last after the subs are wired etc. Most of the box will be 64mm, only the smaller areas will be 32mm. I've made the car nice and strong, so im making the box the same!

Yep without paying customers im out of a job. I am training two other fitters who can do most of the basic stuff already, but lately its been more custom modifying and modern CANBUS cars etc. I was planning on getting the wood for the enclosure cut out tonight, but work has a hot rod "seminar" on and need the worskhop :(

Looking at the next few days, i dont think i'll get much a chance to work on it......Good news is ive given the front doors trims to a fellow installer, who is fabricating custom pods and covering them in vinyl, they will be done by next weekend :rock:
7 years 1 month ago #26 by Tezzating
You could probably even double that backwall and still find a solid gain. In the Festiva I think I gained 1.5dB by gluing 2x4's into the back of the wall.. I dont remember how many layers it was, atleast 4 ? Maybe 5 ? The Crown was bolted onto a separate plank :P
In testing it wouldnt do over 150dB, and once it got to Wagga it pulled 153.6 out of its arse lol. Wild stuff, nerve wracking too.

Shame about no work, but it happens. Sometimes its a relief to not *have* to work on it, enjoy a few nights off with a cold beer and hot chips or something. Then you'll have some energy to rip into it when you're ready to get at it.

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7 years 4 weeks ago - 7 years 4 weeks ago #27 by Andy
PROGRESS!!! :rock: :rock:

Our first job cancelled today, so the store manager kindly said "dont worry about bringing anything else in, work on the Commodore", so we did!

The top screwed to the sides, the beginning of the biggest box ive built to date.

Baffles cut and test fitted.....i need to fit 4 x 12s on each on those panels, looks like i will need to make up spacers at least for the front two on either side, they will foul on the sides of the box by the looks of it. If they look too crap, i'll space all 4 on each side out so it matches. If i add another layer (or two) of MDF it will reduce the port width even more than it is now (10cm). Those sheets are 700m x 700mm and these subs are 342mm each :huh:

Its in!! it took 4 of us to lift and move into the car, but it fits nicely :smoke:

This is the rear wall thickness, i cannot got much thicker as there wont be enough room for the 4 amps and 4 batteries :P

Oh its getting to the point where i WANT to work on it, i have designed this whole system from scratch and its all starting to come together......i have a week tomorrow to get bass happening, the Director of Vibe Audio Australia dropped by and was absolutely blown away with the quality of work and the strength of this car!! :smoke: He spent most of the time taking pics and sending them to his colleagues, saying "this is how you build" :thumbs:

Yes i remember when you struggled with the JBLs to do 150s, consistent 149s....never 150. Wasnt it the woofer swap to DD 9515s (and the impedance change) that gave you that 153.6 at finals? :P

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7 years 4 weeks ago #28 by Andy
Just a few more pics with the rear wall fitted into place. Ive test fitted the battery box and there's about 100mm between the two.......the amps are 50mm and i need room behind the battery box for buzz bars and fuses etc..... :lol:

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7 years 4 weeks ago #29 by Dylan
Yeah, so that's solid.... :P

How's that commodore NOT tucking by now though?!

Can you invert the 4 woofers your having spacing issues with? Dunno how it will got for SPL, but it might look better than spacers.

I may have already missed this, but why aren't you building the wall in the car to maximise space?
7 years 4 weeks ago #30 by Tezzating

Dylan wrote:
I may have already missed this, but why aren't you building the wall in the car to maximise space?

I was wondering that too.. probably complexity?

And no, I couldnt go over 150 with the DD's either. Testing was a nightmare of poor numbers

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7 years 4 weeks ago #31 by steveo
Thats friging AWESOME Andy not the same car i was looking at afew days ago. cant wait to see the numbers.
Awsome work boys!! Really got it going now. Hats off to ya dude. :)
7 years 4 weeks ago - 7 years 4 weeks ago #32 by Andy
There will be 5x threaded rods bracing the box, 3 bracing the top to bottom and 2 bracing the sides. I will use 2"x 4" bracing for the baffles (64mm). The sides will have another layer of 32mm covering the middle (weak) sections. So yeah, thats basically the "skeleton" for the box, i just wanted to make it up to ensure it will actually fit inside the car!! :laugh:

I think you both know i would have gone with the larger box screwed to the car to maximise you can see time is of the essence and it was going to be quicker and easier to make a "slide in" box rather than individually screw panels into the car. The contract with Vibe is only 12 months, so after this date i will most likely remove the box and build a proper wall.

Thanks Steve, yeah we are certainly stepping it up now. I have one week tomorrow to get this thing banging, i'll be working on it every chance i get!!!
Didnt get anything done today.....battled with an eBay remote start for a good 3 hours, someone please explain to me what the hell a 'HP winding switch" is? apparently i had to cut this wire and feed one into the remote starter, couldnt for the life of me figure that switch out........its not the starter or crank wire as its connected to another wire and its named "starter motor". Apparently it also just cranks the starter for 3 seconds everytime, regardless of whether or not the engine has started (there's also no tacho or anti grind wire, not even a neutral safety). So i'd be imagining the starter and flywheel will be screwed in no time.

Anyway, told the customer to burn the thing and never, ever buy that sort of stuff from eBay again :angry:
7 years 4 weeks ago #33 by amcinstaller
oh god. reminds me of a guy brought in an arctic wolf alarm starter combo. full 8 hours install, still didnt work. i shudder at the thought of ebay starters, and even country mike took to just turning them away. terrible units
7 years 3 weeks ago #34 by Tezzating
They sell CompuStar on eBay. They should have bought one of those.

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7 years 3 weeks ago #35 by Andy
It was worse......"majicar" lol.

Went in today (on my day off) and got abit more done. The side "wings" for the wall are made / mounted / carpeted. I was planning on fitting 2 6x9s on each panel, but there isnt as much room as i first thought, so only the one will be used. Dont know where im going to mount the other pair of 6x9s :lol:

Here's a quick pic of the work completed today, also carpeted the amp cover panels.

I think i can add another layer of 16mm to the baffle (so 80mm total thickness) which will bring out the subs possibly enough to clear the side walls. If not i may have to scallop out some sections, or take off the rubber boots on the magnets :lol:

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7 years 3 weeks ago #36 by amcinstaller
there is far too many things in that post that sound familiar. :laugh: i put in a few magicars in my day, and i totally remember removing magnet boots and even breaking off magnet plastic covers. as for your 6x9 issue, i figure you have a door or two that you could shoehorn a speaker into ;)
7 years 3 weeks ago - 7 years 3 weeks ago #37 by Andy
OK, well its been a struggle but i have the baffles on and the holes cut out. 10 minutes per hole with a new jigsaw blade each time, 64mm MDF is NOT easy to cut with a jigsaw :ohmy:

Ive only got 90mm of port width, and a port height of 636mm. I wanted atleast 100mm wide, but with some flaring and the subs frame, thats about as much as i can get with this box width.

Good news is the subs fit in the baffle WITHOUT spacers, cant fit a 6mm sheet of of aluminium behind the magnet though :smoke:

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7 years 3 weeks ago #38 by Tezzating
If you'll be rounding the front then you'll be wanting to do it before fitting the back.. so you can shove the apprentice in the back of the box to smooth out the insides ;)

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7 years 3 weeks ago #39 by zion187reigneth
i like it
7 years 3 weeks ago #40 by Dylan
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