What size wire is required to run a Rockford Fosgate 1000watt

9 years 21 hours ago #1 by 25john25jones935
Currently, I have a 4gauge wire running from the battery to a power distribution block mounted on my sub woofer enclosure. From the PDB, I have an 8gauge wire to the 1000watt amplifier. The 8 gauge wire is only 14" long. Also, I have a fuse at the battery, a fuse at the PDB and of course 3 fuses in the amplifier. Will this 8gauge wire be sufficient to run the amplifier at max capacity? Also, with the 1000watt amplifier, it is connected to 2 600watt subs, what gauge speaker wire is required to get the most out of the amp and these 2 subs? All wattages are RMS! The amp actually puts out 1015 watts RMS as the paperwork from Fosgate states.
9 years 9 hours ago #2 by Andy
Usually the largest wire the amp can accept in its terminals is the size that should be connected to the battery and ran through to the amp. Same principle applies to the speaker cable.

May i ask why you have a distribution block, are you powering other amp/s from this D.B.?

If you are running another amp or two, i would upgrade the main power cable to 0AWG and use a larger D.B. with 4AWG outputs for the amp/s.

So i'd say the amp has 8AWG speaker outputs, run 8AWG to the box and then split it either inside the box or with a terminal cup. Use 8AWG - 12AWG to each voice coil.
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