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I have a question.
Its kind of a personal preference question.

If you were going to compete in SPL what class would you choose.
To qualify the answers, lets say that you have access to small/medium hatch back jap car!
Lets also say that you can throw 10,000 USD a year into the up-keep(this does not include buying equipment.
Lets also say that which ever class you choose you would buy the extreme limit(quantity) of Equipment and still qualify to compete.

Can you please list what class and what equipment you would buy for that class.
Thanks in advance :rock:
8 years 9 months ago #2 by Tezzating
A $10,000 budget excluding the equipment costs ? You could probably afford to run a trailered SS or extreme car with a budget like that. Would probably cover the trailer and pickup truck, fuel costs too.
If you've already got the truck, an A-Frame or Dolly trailer would only set you back $1.2k and is suitable for a hatchback to be towed.. and would leave plenty afterwards towards fuel costs, entry fee's and hotels.. you could easily do a complete season with a few long distance trips.

Years ago I worked out it cost me an average of $180 per event.. after factoring in food, accomodation, travel costs (driving the vehicle myself) and entry fee's. Hitting up 18 events per year, thats a budget of around $3240. With inflation you could safely round that up to $4,500, which is still less than half your "not including the equipment or car" budget.

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