Worlds 2010..

8 years 8 months ago #1 by Tezzating
Looks like Worlds was a bit of a shit fight.. plenty of upset people on Termpro complaining about it.

From what I can tell;

- The "Must attend regionals with he vehicle you take to Worlds" rule wasnt enforced
- The "Must attend regionals" requirement wasnt enforced SELECTIVELY
- Event ran way too long (til 1AM from what I can tell :P)
- Judges gave out the wrong info about the event schedule, so some people got DQ'd for not being around after being told wrong times
- People jumped classes from one they'd qualified from

And here's the winning scores (without names will update when available)

Street A: 159.1 after a 158.8 tie
Street B: 159.8
Street C: 160.7
SM: 164,7
SS NW: 165,9 after a 166,0 tie
SS 1-2: 169,6
SS 3-4: ?
SS 5+: ?
Ex 1-2: 180.8
Ex 3+: 181.7

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8 years 8 months ago #2 by soccerx6
isnt complaining part of the requirements to enter world finals? :P
8 years 7 months ago #3 by bassracer
ahh yes complaining
the main reason competitions are far and few between
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