18" Audiobahn Subwoofer + Custom ported Box!

8 years 1 month ago #21 by Andy
Well a small update on this system, before we even had the chance to design the 2 x 12s box he has done some damage, to the sub.

First off he blew the dustcap off, no biggie....you get that. So we glued it back on.

A few days later he comes back complaining that the sub is making a loud "banging" noise....i go over and investigate to find this:

Notice the marks on the inside of the coil? They're just in the one spot. Looking from above it seems like the cone has become mis-aligned with the coil or pole piece?
8 years 1 month ago #22 by Tezzating
Sometimes you get that, the subs assembled OK but after the suspension stretches out it shifts a bit, and bangs the former into the pole :P Usually the single spider jobs do that. Shame its dead already tho, it was a nice looking setup.

So, a pair of DD's then ? :P

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8 years 1 month ago #23 by zion187reigneth
sell him something he cant kill :)
8 years 3 weeks ago #24 by Dylan
When I get the Forester playing music again I'll have to bring it down and convince this guy that a pair of DD's would be a good idea...
8 years 3 weeks ago #25 by Andy
Yeah im thinking a nice 9515 would be ideal for him, just gotta find a good second hand one. Phil might have been a prick but atleast we had DD in the country :(

just out of curiosity, he kept playing this sub while the dustcap was off.....complained that he could hear "chuffing" coming from the sub, i told him not to play it without the dustcap, but im thinking this could have caused the problem?
8 years 3 weeks ago #26 by Tezzating
The chuffing is the air moving in and out of the motor. No cap, no way for it to blow the air out the pole vents and it just comes out the front.. thats why inverted subs have noise :P I dont think it'd cause the former to rub, thats a suspension alignment thing.

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