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7 years 10 months ago #1 by Tezzating
A quick skim on Termpro shows this:

In 2011, the dBDRA formed a new rules advisory committee whose task was to analyze the current classes and rules and then come up with a proposal (if necessary) for changes to be implemented in 2012. This committee consists of turn-key event promoters and international representatives.

After careful analysis of class participation and SPL scores, the committee has recommended the following class structure for 2012. In addition to these class changes, additional changes to the rules will be forthcoming. These changes will be announced seperately.
Stock Trunk
Street A (Old Street A&B Combined)
Street B (Old Street C)
Street Max
Super Street NW
Super Street 1-2
Super Street 3-4
Super Street 5+
Extreme (Combines Extreme OS 1-2, Extreme OS 3+, Extreme 1-2, Extreme 3+)

January 8 2012: The Super Street 5+ and Extreme classes were revised after discussions with industry representatives at the 2012 CES show in Las Vegas.

So the sooks got their sedan class and Terry Brocks has show us its the man not the car when it comes to sedans. Wonder if this includes pickups and utes ? And SUV/4x4's ?

We're back to the pretty much the original Street Classes, Street 1-2 up to 12", Street 3-4 (or a pair of 15"s). Which makes sense.. just because the most entrants are in the street classes didnt really mean we needed 3 classes.
I'm interested to see if the battery limits lifted in Street A.

Max was combined some time ago.. but TBH I'm not sure if there's still a place for it ? It was started as a gateway class for SS, but I dont think anyone moves forward from Max to SS. There's never any entrants into Max at the events I've attended in the last few years, and there werent any when I actively competed in it.

All Extreme classes combined, makes sense. When guys can do 180 with a single sub, you know its more about the build than the sub quantity. This is probably a smart move in the long run. How many Extreme cars do you see in the lanes ? Maybe one, once.

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7 years 10 months ago #2 by zion187reigneth
i haven't heard one sub woofer since ive been back to aus,2 years ago i would hear at-least one a day when i was driving to and from job sites.whats the future forecast do you think?
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Yeah I've talked about friends here too.. modern cars are getting more and more integrated. Each time the aftermarket gives us answers (one and a half din adapters, etc) but its getting harder to get stereos into cars. The wifes old Pontiac had the airbag circuit integrated into the CD player, so you needed a $100 brainbox just to put in a $100 headunit ! This is probably part of it.
The economy tanking is still being felt here.. the moneys coming back but everyones being pretty cautious about spending on toys like $600 subs and $1000 amps. We lost a lot of manufacturers.

The hope would be the condensing of the classes get more competitors into less classes and increase the competitiveness, and make it more accessible to all.

TBH my biggest complaint about dB Drag was, and still is, the rules change each year. You built/bought to comply and maximise your advantage then the rules change and now your amps are wrong, or the subs are wrong, or battery.

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