Site Updates 09-01-2011 LOTS OF NEW FEATURES

8 years 11 months ago - 8 years 11 months ago #1 by Tezzating
AH ! The newest version of DiscussBot finally got release, and its REALLY nice comapred to the old one.

New features:

- Each article on the site now shows the most recent post, quick reply box and link to the forum topic

- On first reply, DiscussBot creates a new forum post with the brief decsription of the original article

- DiscussBot places the new post into the CORRECT FORUMS ! Installation discussions go into Installation, Equipment News goes into Industry News, etc.

- Security ! Security ! The most recent post & quick reply are hidden until you login :D

- Added login box to home page again.. and if you set it to remember me, you'll always recieve a greeting on the front page !

- Site Search (front page & articles search) now returns results from Articles & Forums. Advanced Search allows you to search only Articles, or Only Forums

- Added some more DBC girls :D

- Activated the Welcome Mat forums again.. we're getting lots of new members posting their hello's, so here we go

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