Team Australian Car Audio Edition

Team Australian Car Audio Edition

Team is excited to announce our new International section to cater to our new friends and members from Australia. We're proud to be the new home of the well established Australian Car Audio movement. A number of our Team Members are from Australia, and we hope to see more of them in the future.

Founding Members, Dylan and C.C.S.S are based on the central coast of NSW, and enthusiastic to meet and greet any new members.. especially those who attend Doran Pro Audio and AutoSalon events in Sydney and Newcastle areas ! Dylan is an active dB Drag competitor, experienced in car audio, car audio accessories, car audio systems, subwoofers, car and audio everything. C.C.S.S is the owner of an established car audio shop on the central coast (of the same name) and well known in Holden Commodore circles thanks to his Commodores successes in SPL competition.

Do dont hesitate to contact either of our team with all your car adio, speaker enclosure design, SPL competition and subwoofer questions.

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So G'day to our Australian friends, and welcome to Team