JL Audio Retro Fits Eclipse Displays

JL Audio Retro Fits Eclipse Displays

Miramar, FL (July 19, 2010) – Following the departure of Eclipse Car Audio from the US retail channel, many autosound retailers were left with displays that were “almost new” and loaded with defunct products. Turning a negative situation into a positive, JL Audio created and is offering authorized dealers, free upgrade kits for these displays plus demo pricing and terms for the displayed products.

Acting on an idea from Brian Power JL R&D, led by Bill Hamze, developed the concept of a easy to install retrofit kit to re-purpose the Eclipse displays. The kits are in production and many have been installed on the sales floor at JL Audio retailers.

With the purchase of the displayed product under standard demo terms, the dealer receives a new, ported subwoofer enclosure tuned specifically for displaying a 12W3v3 subwoofer and featuring large “JL AUDIO” graphics on the sides. Also included is a beautiful JL Audio logo medallion and mounting fixture to replace the original signage on the display. Rounding out the package is a trim piece designed to highlight a JL Audio XD400/4 four-channel amplifier, along with information graphics to support the sale. Dealers can then install a selection of head units of their own choosing.

The display with the medallion installed fits comfortably in spaces with 8 ft. ceilings and has been fully tested with its original power supply and switching. According to Manville Smith, VP of Marketing for JL Audio, “Once this display is refitted with JL Audio speakers, amp and subwoofer, it delivers tremendous visual and sonic impact that is sure to result in plenty of great audio sales.”

The Eclipse Display Upgrade Kit is available now to all authorized JL Audio dealers. Contact your rep or JL Audio Area Sales Director at 1-888-JLAUDIO.