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Welcome to the forums ! Take the time to read the rules, we've kept them short and simple.

- Use your common sense. If it seems like a bad idea, it is. No seriously, it is.
- No flaming in the Begginers section. If you dont like reading newbie questions, dont read the begginers section.
- This isnt a CHAN. Seriously.
- Keep it PG. If they said it during prime time TV, or on American Movie channel, its ok. If they didnt, dont.
- English please. We'd like as many people to be able to enjoy this forum and its posts as much as possible, and not everyone speaks French, German, Dutch, etc.
- Real words too. LOL, brb, OMG, etc. are fine. PLEASE dont text talk, l33t, or whatever.

- The NO list.... Porn, links/advertising for businesses, images in signatures, keep signatures under 5 lines, bumping topics, offensive avatars, etc.

- Links to your website, CarDomain, etc in signatures is cool. Links to Phil's Bait & Audio Store is not.

We've made these forums for everyone and the rules are here to keep them friendly.

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