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Audio Install Pt 4 – Component Speakers, Subwoofer & Sound Deadening Doors

Ready for some fun? We’re install a set of Hertz Energy ESK 165.5 component speakers in the doors, re-using the OEM tweeter mounts and installing the crossover networks in the doors!
Then we’re sound deadening the speaker baffle & door skins to cut down on vibrations and road noise.. and we’re not doing a traditional “plaster every surface” install to show that with correct application in the right places you can get good SQ gains without the weight or cost penalties. Not as effective as covering each metal surface with 2 layers, but lighter and cheaper.
THEN we mount a Hertz Energy 8″ Passive subwoofer to the back of the backseats. This neat little system is super compact and packs a punch! The 10″ passive radiator, which is effectively a subwoofer with the motor removed, allows for good low end extention from the tiny 8″ woofer. It also allows a very compact enclosure size, whilst it being sealed eliminates port chuff entirely.

Install Notes:
1. Check your doors for screws before attempting to remove the panel. Ours had 2 hidden under the switch panel.
2. You only need to mark & measure the sound deadener for one side. Once laid face down it can be the template for the other side!
3. Check the polarity of your connections, trace should be negative.
4. Check the attenuators for the tweeters are matched. If in doubt for settings, start with 0dB and adjust later if neccessary (+dB = Louder, -dB = Quieter).
5. Keep in mind bright & loud tweeters fatigue the ears faster.
6. There’s a foam pad behind the door card for the Forester where the crossover is mounted. You might like to add foam to prevent knocking sounds from the crossover.
7. The back seats recline, so we reclined the seat as far as it would go before marking the mounting position for the subwoofer. This retained the reclining function.

Parts Used: Hertz Energy ESK 165.5Wirez Door Kit

BONUS VIDEO ! Hear the difference between a sound deadened door and a factory one!
Reduce road noise, increase listening pleasure, sound deadening is a win win situation

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