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Inverting Subwoofers

Inverting your subwoofers is a great way to enhance your subwoofer systems look. A big motor and basket structure looks a lot more impressive than

Car Audio on a Budget, The $1000 System

The $1000 budget unlocks a lot more potential to build a great system. At this price point you’re looking at adding amplifiers and subwoofers to

VIDEO Building a Subwoofer Enclosure

Want to build your own custom subwoofer enclosure? Of course you do! That’s why you’re part of Team DecibelCar.com right ? But where do you

Recone subwoofer or any speaker

Sometimes you’ll need to recone a speaker or subwoofer. Sometimes the coil burns out, the tinsel breaks or a screw driver goes through the cone

Twice as loud ? Lets talk dB’s

Decibels, dB, are a measure of loudness. Unlike other measurements, decibels are logarithmic in scale not linear. Speed is linear, 40km/h is twice as fast

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