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Digital Designs: Voice Optimized Drivers are Finally Here!!

We are excited to bring you the new VO Series!

DD has been investing research and development resources into high efficiency drivers resulting in the new VO Series and the state of the art PW Series woofers.

The VO Series brings our high tech innovations and experience to mid and high frequency drivers for applications where strong vocal reinforcement is a necessity.

High Efficiency starts with ultra-powerful motor structures. Our Z motor research helped us develop some new structures, the HybridZ, combining the benefits of both ferrite and neo magnets along with the inductance reducing effects of Farady rings.

The Vo Series is the perfect choice in setting up systems where one wishes to have the mids and highs keep up with the high output subwoofer design. HybridZ technology can put 50% more drive force on the voice coil than would be otherwise be possible in dimention constrained applications.

DD VO Tweeters

DDVO-B1 with DD Direct Connect lead wires

DD VO Woofer

Light Weight and Fiber Reinforced Cone

DD VO Woofer

VO Series Drivers Free Flow Cooling System

DD VO Grill

New raised DD logo grills

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