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DIY: Ceramic Brake & Stainless Steel Braided Line Upgrades

In this video we give some tips and tricks on installing upgraded braking components on the Subaru Forester XT. Most people will jump straight to a big brake upgrade from Brembo, Willwood or the like, but thats really overkill for most of us with daily driven street cars. If you’re racing those brakes are a good option but if you’re not (or you cant afford them), then here’s some good options. The factory 2/1 pistons calipers are great for daily drivers, and with some affordable upgrades can keep up for spirited driving whilst maintaining quiet operations with high initial bite. Even more braking power can be found with higher friction pad materials and exotic rotors!

Stainless steel lines greatly improve the performance of the stock brake system by reducing expansion losses in pressure. The side effect is a more precise stability control system, and enhanced anti-slip properties for the differentials. For those that dont know, non-STI model Subaru’s use the ABS system to apply braking to limit wheel spin instead of the traditional LSD.

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