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KICKER® BassStation™ Powered Subwoofers Add Legendary Bass in Versatile Applications KICKER® BassStation™ Powered Subwoofers Add Legendary Bass in Versatile Applications


STILLWATER, USA – KICKER® has developed and perfected a smart, integrated solution for adding legendary but versatile KICKER bass to any vehicle’s audio system. KICKER BassStation™ Powered Subwoofers combine subs, enclosures and amplifiers in a specifically designed application for optimal bass performance.

With a heavy-duty subwoofer, tough enclosure and digital amplifier operating together as one, the end result is intense. The BassStation is available in a 12-inch dual-woofer box (with a 200-watt amplifier), a 12-inch single-woofer box (with a 100-watt amp), a 10-inch thin-profile box or an 8-inch thin-profile box (both with 100-watt amps). All four models feature a quick-connect Molex power, signal and remote turn-on harness/plug for simple set-up or removal. Once installed, nylon straps with Velcro® help secure the BassStation in place. When hauling space is needed, the enclosure is simply removed by disconnecting the plug and loosening the straps. The PHD12 dual-woofer BassStation weighs 43 pounds, while the PT8 8-inch weighs only 14 pounds.

All BassStations come with a remote bass control, adjustable low-pass crossover, subsonic filter, variable +6dB bass boost, phase cancelling switch for max bass output and two automatic turn-on options. It also features high- and low-level inputs for integration with nearly any factory or aftermarket head unit.
Certified Authorized KICKER Dealers nationwide expertly install KICKER gear into any vehicle for outstanding musical or video entertainment during a drive.
KICKER Performance Audio products, a division of Stillwater Designs and Audio, Inc.®, are available for the mobile and home audio aftermarket at authorized dealers worldwide, and also through selected Original Equipment Manufacturers.

KICKER BassStation Powered Subwoofers Specifications

Model PHD12 PH12 PT10 PT8
Box Type dual single thin-profile thin-profile

RMS power (watts), 14.4V 200 100 100 100
Box Top Depth (in, cm) 7-11/16, 19.5 7-11/16, 19.5 4-11/16, 11.8 4, 10.2
Box Bottom Depth (in, cm) 11-1/4, 28.5 11-1/4, 28.5 7-11/16, 19.5 6-5/8, 16.8
Box Height (in, cm) 14-15/16, 38 14-15/16, 38 12-13/16, 32.5 11-1/4, 28.5
Box Width (in, cm) 31-1/2, 80 16-13/16, 42.7 19-5/16, 49 16-15/16, 43
Weight (lbs, kg) 43.2, 19.5 25, 11.3 18, 8.2 13.8, 6.2

MSRP $579.95 $399.95 $299.95 $279.95
Common to all models
Frequency response (Hz) 25-120
Crossover 12dB/octave low pass at 50-120Hz
Subsonic filter 24dB/octave high pass at 25Hz
Phase switch 0°/180°
Input sensitivity:
Low level 125mV-5V
High level 250mV-10V
KickEQ boost variable to +6dB @ 40Hz
Remote bass included

Consumers needing more information on KICKER or Livin’ Loud® may call the Consumer Information Line at 1-800-256-5425 or visit the brand Web site at www.kicker.com. Follow KICKER at facebook.com/kickeraudio and twitter.com/kickeraudio.
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